Graffiti Cleaning Sydney
High pressure brick cleaning, brick restoration, commercial brick buildings, and brick driveway paths are cleaning using specialized high pressure cleaning […]
BBQ High Pressure Cleaning Sydney
Most home-owners would agree that the best time to perform regular Brick Pressure Cleaning procedures is right before or right […]
Graffiti Removal Sydney
Graffiti is a popular form of art around the world. Graffiti is the written language of teenagers, and most kids […]
Grip Coating Anti-Slip
There are many different types of decorative floor coating available for industrial and commercial use. These coatings provide a beautiful, […]
Floor Coatings Sydney
Concrete Driveway Sealing is a normal occurrence during cold winter months when you lay salt onto the driveway to melt […]
Decorative concrete has been around for many years and continues to grow in popularity. Thanks to new methods and coatings, […]
Decorative Floor Coatins
Epoxy floor coating is a relatively new flooring material that has rapidly grown in acceptance. When a natural concrete floor […]
House High Pressure Blasting
High pressure cleaning is ideal for the concrete surfaces of all types: driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, porches, walkways, and […]
Brickwork Sealing and Cleaning Sydney
Here at Extreme Blast we use only the finest in eco-friendly, doff and Therma technic steam cleaning methods for the […]