Grip Coating Anti-Slip

There are many different types of decorative floor coating available for industrial and commercial use. These coatings provide a beautiful, durable barrier to reduce noise, vibration and moisture absorption in areas of heavy traffic. There are many benefits to choosing this type of protection, including reduced wear and tear on flooring, protecting flooring from damage due to chemicals and oil, and adding a barrier to sound absorption. Decorative floor coating systems are designed for multiple applications and are very cost effective. Plus, they can add significant value to any commercial property. In fact, these coatings have become so popular that many are opting for the do-it-yourself installation option.


There are a few common commercial floor coating options that contribute to this growing trend. There are many vinyl floor coatings designed to provide a low-resistance barrier for noise, moisture and impact. Many facilities choose a thin membrane system, in which multiple layers of thick elastomeric materials are sprayed over a hard backing. Often used for pool decks, patios and other outdoor areas, this kind of floor covering is an excellent choice for heavy traffic areas… However, it is important to note that vinyl floor coating systems require routine maintenance to ensure they maintain their effectiveness.

Another popular alternative is found in urethane floor coatings. These systems often utilize rubber or plastic resins to provide a barrier for noise, moisture and impact. Similar to vinyl systems, urethane flooring systems require little maintenance, but must be properly installed. For added durability, urethane floor coatings are often found in industrial and commercial settings.

There are also a few unique decorative floor coating options that have seen increased popularity recently. One popular option is found with the use of corrugated fiberboard. Also referred to as fiberglass-cement flooring systems, these systems utilize fiberglass or corrugated cardboard to create a smooth surface that resists movement, moisture and impact.

There are several types of materials used to create these beautiful floor coverings. For example, corrugated cardboard was once used to create floor matting. Today, corrugated fiberboard (also known as “cardboard tiles”) are often used to create decorative floor coatings. This traditional floor coating is often found in hospitals, industrial settings and commercial buildings, but it is becoming more popular in residential homes for its easy cleanliness and low maintenance characteristics.

Another popular decorative coating is found with the use of epoxy resins. This coating is typically used to protect concrete floors from stains and prevent them from developing “stains” or “leaks”. Epoxy resins are applied with a brush or can even be applied with a roller. This type of coating provides excellent protection from stains, but must be cured through high heat or direct sunlight. In order to prevent damage to the concrete floors, epoxy coating systems are usually applied over an existing floor coating system.

Other common decorative epoxy floor coating solutions are found with the use of polyurethane finishes. Commonly found in industrial floor systems such as car garages, industrial cleaning bays and garages and industrial factory floors, these finishes provide excellent protection from scratches and abrasions, as well as high impact and abrasion resistance. A more abrasive type of finish is provided by urethane coatings. Typically used in industrial coating applications, urethane finishes are resistant to a variety of chemicals, dyes and solvents.

With the use of an epoxy coating, you can provide a great degree of protection to both your floors and your machinery, while also offering a variety of color options. You will find that there are many color options available, which will allow you to match your flooring to your specific decor, as well as providing you with the color options and chemical resistance that you need. These coating systems are formulated to provide superior protection to industrial flooring materials, while offering color options that will allow you to customize the finish for maximum effectiveness. If you are interested in epoxy coating solutions, consider the types of systems discussed above.


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