Graffiti Removal in Sydney

Graffiti Removal

Do you have a problem with graffiti? We’ve got the solution for you! We’ll wash off and eliminate unwanted graffiti and deliver your outside walls back to fresh. When it’s houses, or industrial premises, we’ve got an option for you. Our team is fully trained and equipped to identify and remove all types of graffiti. At Extreme blast we use different techniques and materials determined by the nature of the graffiti and the type of surface. we do this to ensure the best possible result without causing damage to the surface

We operate with various small and big business owners, schools, local authorities, body corporates and homeowners to eliminate graffiti in a professional and prompt manner. We’ve become a reliable partner for retailers, shopping centers, schools, local authorities and home owners searching for specialist graffiti removal.

Whether your face is cement, slate, pebble Crete, stencil Crete, sandstone, exposed bricks, bricks or pavers…. We may safely eliminate graffiti using a combination of cleaning solutions and pressure cleaning.

We have the expertise and knowledge to eliminate all types of Graffiti including Spray Can, Permanent Marker, Pen, Crayon and Paint. In addition, we specialise in cleaning and removal from many substrates such as Brickwork, Concrete, Sandstone & other all-natural stone, Stucco, Painted surfaces, Wood, Metal, Glass, Plastic or Polyurethane, Vinyl, Siding and much more.

Commercial Graffiti Removal

If you’re a busy advantage manager with numerous industrial properties to care for, you may want a service supplier that works with a single touch point. The contractor you choose will need to be dependable and complete the work correctly, while giving you reassurance that it is taken care of!

Graffiti removal is a specialised area of experience. It takes a solid understanding of the Graffiti substance that’s been utilised to graffiti the surface and the surface kind or type of material it has been placed upon.

Our team are dedicated to providing you a fast and quick service which ends up saving you money and more stress. Leave it to the professionals at Extreme Blast and enjoy a Graffiti Free area today.

Residential Graffiti Removal

Illegal graffiti tagging is a crime, and no one has the right to vandalise your premises especially if it’s your family dwelling! But you can take back control and eliminate the unsightly graffiti quite safely and quickly with the professionals. This will help demonstrate to the graffiti vandals that it is not worth their time to do it again.

Careful attention to detail is needed if removing graffiti, as no two removal jobs will be the same. The best way to remove spray or aerosol paint in the brick wall is extremely different from the way you remove permanent marker from glass or a painted coating. So you will need expert assistance and knowledge to able to remove the graffiti. The professionals can also help you remove it quicker with less stress. 


Did you know that when graffiti isn’t removed it attracts more graffiti? At Extreme blast we recommend removal within the first 24-48hrs

Anti-Graffiti Coating

Safeguard your house and shield it from unsightly and expensive graffiti by using the most up-to-date and best anti-graffiti coating. Preventing graffiti can be accomplished using a particular coating or using other preventative measures.

Ask about our anti graffiti coating we can apply the coating to significantly reduce the costs associated with ongoing removal of graffiti. The anti coating ensures that graffiti can be removed with ease in the event of repeated graffiti vandalism.

Graffiti vandalism is on the rise and the danger of this happening to your own property or building is more likely than ever.

Illegal graffiti is vandalism. It impacts the neighborhood and hurts home values. Our Graffiti Removal professionals can clean hard surfaces and remove graffiti, which makes your home or building not just visually pleasing, but can also help boost its worth.

Learn more about Anti-Graffiti Coating solutions from Extreme Blast.

Graffiti Removal Sydney
Graffiti Removal Sydney
Graffiti Removal
Graffiti Removal
Graffiti Removal Sydney
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