Sanitising and Disinfecting Sydney

Surface Disinfecting and Sanitising

At extreme blast we are pleased to announce that moving with the times we are now able to provide antibacterial cleaning and sanitising. We are utilising products that have been deemed effective for three of the viral strains as stated in the USEPA guidance document.

We provide effective high-grade disinfection solutions that destroy and stop the transmission of germs and decrease the opportunity of cross-contamination. Designed to clean and disinfect every area of your property, workplace, and office. Help prevent the spread of germs at the workplace or in the office. Have our staff professionally clean, sanitise and disinfect your work equipment, chairs, shelves, counters, door handles, etc.. Apart from keeping your office visibly clean, it’s crucial to receive it sanitised and disinfected. Especially during Covid-19 and beyond.

The Difference Between Cleaning And Sanitising

Cleaning = the physical elimination of germs (viruses and bacteria ), grime and dirt from surfaces with a water and detergent solution. A detergent is a surfactant that’s intended to divide oil and dirt with the usage of water. When you wash a surface using a piece of wet cloth, it only removes debris, dust and dirt that is visible to naked eyes. On the other hand, the damaging micro-organisms we can not see still persist. This is really where sanitising a surface assists.

Sanitising= using substances to kill germs (viruses and bacteria ) on surfaces. It is significant that surfaces have been cleaned prior to disinfecting because dirt and dirt can decrease the ability of disinfectants to destroy germs. We use a variety of cleaning products for disinfecting purposes. Sanitising tends to decrease the presence and development of germs, viruses and parasites.

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