Paver/ Driveway Clean & Sealing Sydney

Do you require paver cleaning? Are your pavers unsightly? Can they have a build up of moss? Are weeds growing between your pavers?

Our paver cleaning bundles may incorporate everything from pre-clean remedies to complete power cleaning services into the use of a high quality sealant. We begin the cleaning procedure by carefully inspecting your paving to determine problem spots and stains and also to ascertain which cleaning process will work best on your type of surface. Ahead of high pressure cleaning, our staff can pretreat all issue areas, like stains from oil, grease and mold.

When it’s your home or commercial premises unsightly pavers can definitely detract from the attractiveness and appeal of your property. Eliminating organic mold, moss or weeds is extremely easy with our commercial grade pressure cleaner. Pavers which have a large build up of mold and moss can grow to be very slippery and cause accidents also. To make sure your loved ones are in a healthy and safe environment, we could very quickly work out this issue for you with our Paver Clean and Seal service.

Our High Pressure cleaning experts in Sydney have several years of expertise with the commercial builders, industrial businesses and of course the domestic market. Our knowledge and experience means that we provide services which are the best available.

Our pressure cleaning equipment types vary from low to high pressure, cold and hot water to wash painted surfaces, plain concrete, pavers, eliminate graffiti, chewing gum, oil stains and much more.

Whatever style of pavers you have in your small business premise or house, our high pressure cleaning solutions will efficiently clean your pavers.

Pavement, Driveway and Concrete Sealing

Sealing your outdoor patio, driveway, path and pool area will not only help protect and restore your pavers but also bring back the original glow. our professional cleaning and sealing service will take tour pavers back to their glory days.

At Extreme blast we recommend our paver clean and seal services not only to remove dirt, grease, grime and stains but also to promote durability and ensure longer life of the pavers. Our clean and seal service will ensure your pavers long lasting beauty and value by:





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High Pressure Cleaning Sydney
High Pressure Cleaning Sydney
High Pressure Cleaning Sydney
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