Decorative Floor Coatins

Epoxy Flooring has been around for more than 30 years. Epoxy Flooring uses the best quality flooring materials and provides the highest quality installation. Our customers receive a complete installation, including concrete preparation and concrete repair, as well as customized epoxy systems.

This mixture of resins and hardeners is applied to concrete surfaces. It bonds to concrete surfaces to form an ultra-resilient covering. Epoxy is more resistant than traditional concrete to liquids and stains. It can withstand extreme pressure and heavy foot traffic without cracking, peeling or breaking.

Epoxy is durable, but epoxy’s versatility in colors and patterns makes it a great commercial and retail flooring choice. Shops, offices, and hotels all have high foot traffic, so it is important to have wear-resistant flooring. It is important to consider the diverse customer base, including elderly people, children and those with disabilities. It is important that commercial flooring be durable and safe for falls prevention. Epoxy flooring can be made slip-resistant, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant.

Epoxy floor coatings can be used for commercial, residential and industrial flooring. They are durable and hardwearing. Epoxy offers a beautiful, high-performance surface.

Epoxy Flooring’s Advantages

Epoxy flooring is a beautiful choice. These floors are very easy to maintain. These floors hide any blemishes or damage your floor may have sustained over time. Epoxy floors can also be used for:

You’ll save a lot of money by requiring less maintenance and upkeep on your floors.

Concrete epoxy coatings can improve cement floor durability. It protects cement floors from moisture, mold, stains and fissures. Nonporous coatings ensure that chemicals such as gasoline, motor oil, bleach and other substances do not leak into the cement they protect. They can also withstand heat and fire-related damage.

Floor protection: Keep your floors safe from foot traffic and spills.

High gloss shine finish, which is attractive when combined with solid colors and decorative patterns.

Transport vehicles are less likely to wear, which makes them more efficient and allows them work faster.

Epoxy protection for residential garages: Protect your vehicle from wear and tear with this epoxy protection.

Epoxy can improve the durability and appearance of concrete floors. After epoxy liquid coating has been applied to concrete floors, it cures and forms a hard plastic coating which bonds with concrete. Epoxy flooring is a beautiful, strong, and durable option.

Epoxy coatings can make your floor last for many years. Call us to discuss whether an epoxy floor is right fit for you.

Epoxy Floor Coating Preparation

To adhere properly, an epoxy coating must be applied to a smooth and clean surface. The epoxy will not bond to polished or sealed concrete. It is important that the concrete be completely cured before it can bond. It is essential to repair and seal all cracks and chips on the concrete floor surface before applying epoxy floor coating.

Preparing your floor is the most important step before you apply your epoxy coating. You must thoroughly clean your floor. You should fill in any cracks and patch areas if you are working with concrete. It’s time for cleaning once the damage has been repaired. When preparing your epoxy coating, be sure to inspect any potential areas that might have been missed.

Use a concrete patch product to repair small cracks and holes. For larger cracks, use an epoxy patch kit that is specifically made for cracks greater than 1/4 inch. For preparing cracks to accept the patch, follow the instructions on the product. After it dries, sand or grind it smooth.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to etch the concrete floor with the epoxy coating kit’s etching solution. Use all safety gear. As directed, mix the etching solution and water. Use a stiff brush to apply the solution to the floor. The solution will foam up, which is a sign that it has done its job of abrading the floor. Use a garden hose to thoroughly rinse the area. Allow the concrete to dry completely. This may take several days.

Both the epoxy paint cans and the epoxy hardener containers should be opened. Start by stirring the epoxy paint. Next, slowly add the hardener to it. Be sure to get every drop of hardener out of the paint. Mix the components together for three minutes, until fully combined.

Put the epoxy in a tray with a liner. Use a 3-inch paintbrush to draw a line of epoxy along the edge of the area you wish to cover. Paint it in the corners and seams.

If you see moisture gathering or appearing under the plastic, you will need to seal it. Epoxy can be very difficult to work with in high-moisture environments and will not guarantee a sealed floor. Epoxy adhesion will be a problem if there is not enough sealing. The floor could bubble.

Last Thoughts

It can be difficult to choose the right flooring system. It can be overwhelming for some. However, our network of independent flooring contractors offers free consultations to help you make the right decision. Epoxy flooring is a reliable choice, whether it’s for your garage floor or your retail store floor. The epoxy floor coatings have been tested for resilience and durability.


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