The endless possibilities of creative flooring design are possible with seamless, decorative resin floor systems. You can create a unique interior design by combining decorative aggregates, graphics and logos in a variety of application methods.

Decorative Floor Coating, which is a high-gloss floor coating, uses pearlescent additives to create a unique iridescent finish. It’s ideal for showrooms, restaurants, lobbyes, and any other area that requires a durable, decorative floor.

Our trained professionals are skilled in installing your new floor coating quickly and easily. They know how to create the perfect surface conditions to ensure that it lasts. The garage floor is prepared for machine use to remove any contaminants from the floor. This involves grinding concrete and filling cracks, chips, or holes. The decorative texture floor coating is up to twice the thickness of other floor coatings. This ensures long-lasting durability.

It is important to carefully consider the options when choosing an industrial floor coating for your facility. Flooring can be exposed to harsh chemicals and oils, scratches, and abrasions from heavy machinery like airplanes and forklifts.

Different types of decorative flooring

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for all kinds of decorative floor coatings. There are many types of decorative epoxy flooring coatings. Each serves a different purpose.

Flake-filled epoxy coating is a solventless, two-component epoxy coating system that contains coloured flakes. This multi-colored textured surface is ideal for many applications. Flake-filled series coatings can be applied spray and roller. They are available in a variety of base resins to protect steel and concrete substrates. The coating’s features include high chemical resistance, easy application, and quick return-to-service.

Metallic epoxy coating system. Pure Metallic epoxy floors consist of 100% solids two component epoxy specially formulated using a metallic pigment. The kits include a primer coat, metallic 100% Solids epoxy color basecoat and effects color. You can also choose to have a clear coat (UV-resistant urethane, 100% solids epoxy). Optional tools are also included for application and preparation. The metallic finish is smooth and glass-like, with subtle sparkle. There will never be two floors that look exactly the same. You can create your own style using a variety of creative techniques. To give metallic floor coatings as much contrast as possible, a black primer is often used. After the primer is applied, metallic pigments can be suspended and allowed to dry in clear binder resin.

Epoxy Quartz broadcast systems use multiple layers of epoxy, a broadcasted additive, and polyaspartic topcoats. These systems are more durable and stronger than standard 2-coat epoxy systems. They can also have extended warranties of up to 12 years. With the help of Industrial Floor Coatings, your garage floor will look just like multicolored granite. There are three options for aggregate: colored vinyl chip blends or colored quartz sand. Broadcast quartz systems can be installed more easily. Broadcast quartz systems are easier to install, which allows for a wider range of applicators and a similar look to troweled, at a lower cost. They have slightly better elongation properties than troweled and a natural, nonskid texture.

Epoxy Quartz trowel systems are applied to floors that have been prepared by shot blasting, grinding pad, or bead. Then, epoxy quartz is primed with a 100% solids epoxy. The quartz is then mixed with an epoxy binder and troweled in. It has semidry beach sand consistency. The topping is grouted with clear resin to seal the floor, fill in micropores and strengthen it. The topcoat can be applied with epoxy or other urethanes, depending on the purpose.

The Polyurea Flake Decorative Floorings System is a two-component polyurea with colored coating and vinyl flake. It’s designed for one-day use. The Polyurea Flake system is very durable and has excellent abrasion resistance. It can be done in less than a day. Rapid return to service It is impermeable and seamless. It is easy to clean and resistant to moisture and bacteria. It has excellent adhesive properties that can be applied to a variety of substrates.

Last Thoughts

Because of their durability and low maintenance, decorative floor coatings are gaining popularity over ceramic tile and VCT carpet. You can customize your floor with a wide range of colors, designs and patterns that are not available in other materials. For industrial and commercial use, decorative floorings are available in flake-filled, metallic, quartz trowel epoxy coatings systems, & polyurea flake floors coatings systems. We have all the products you need to protect concrete floors.


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