House High Pressure Blasting

Do you need to clean siding, driveways, fences or other exterior surfaces? We can help you choose the right pressure washer for your outdoor cleaning needs. We’ll also give you some tips for pressure washer care and use.

These outdoor cleaning machines can be called pressure washers or power washers but they all work the same. The machine receives water at low pressure. A gas engine or an electric motor pumps water through the hose and spray nozzle at a higher pressure. Pressure washers are the best choice for heavy-duty cleaning jobs that a garden hose cannot handle.

Although the terms “power washing”, “pressure washing” and “pressure washed” are often interchangeable, they are two distinct processes. Both processes use high-pressure water to clean surfaces. However, power washing uses a heating element to heat water while pressure washing does the opposite. Heated water is better for cleaning, as with all cleaning processes. Some items should be pressure or power washed with additional chemicals like baking soda, vinegar or citric acid.

Be careful when using pressure washers (also known as power washers) before you start firing up the heavy artillery. These devices can cause serious injury or property damage by delivering a powerful, concentrated stream of water at high pressure. We limit our recommendations to the models that we have tested.

Every pressure washer has its pros and cons. You can spend hours trying to find the right pressure washer for you.

Electric Pressure Washers

Push-button start electric pressure washers run quieter and cleaner than traditional gas models. They are also lighter and require less maintenance. While corded machines aren’t as portable or offer the same power ranges as gas-powered models and can’t be used for heavy-duty tasks, machines that run on electric power can handle most light-to-heavy-duty tasks, such as removing dirt from patio furniture, grills and vehicles, fences, patios and siding, and other small jobs.

All the benefits of electric models are available. They are half the size and weight of a traditional gas pressure washer, but they are much lighter. Check out electric pressure washer reviews to learn more about the best electric power washer. The pressure washers start as soon you press the trigger. They then shut off as soon you release it. You won’t experience any gas problems or start-up issues and will not have to worry about pump damage due to prolonged idling. You can also use them indoors because there is no exhaust.

Gas Pressure Washers

One advantage of gas models is their ability to clean pressure washers faster. Gas models clean more quickly due to their higher flow and pressure. They are able to handle all types of concrete cleaning, even heavy concrete cleaning. Gas pressure washers can deliver more powerful water. Large areas such as driveways, siding and decks can be quickly cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals. It quickly removes stubborn gunk like tree sap and chewing gum. A nozzle with a greater pressure will clean as well as one that is set at a narrower angle.

Battery-powered Pressure Washers

The market for battery-powered pressure washers (Li-Ion), is still relatively new. There are not many options or brands. A cordless washer has the advantage that it is not tied to an electric cord. A cordless washer can draw water from a bucket rather than using a garden hose. They are extremely portable, making them ideal for areas without an electric outlet or spigot.

A cordless battery-powered, battery-powered cleaning machine is the best choice if you are looking for a lightweight and portable unit that can be used to clean your home. A corded pressure washer is a better choice if you require more power and a faster cleaning process.

A pressure washer is most likely used by homeowners for less than 50 hours each year. If you maintain it properly, a machine that is rated at 500 hours can last up to 10 years. If you plan to use it for work, you’ll need something that can withstand 2,000 hours. If you value your time, you should buy the largest pressure washer you can afford. A 13 HP gas pressure washer cleans your driveway 10 times faster than an electric unit. Because it takes less time to complete the job, it will last longer. Make sure you plan ahead what attachments are needed in the future. Also, make sure the pressure washer that you purchase has enough power to handle them.

Last Thoughts

Pressure washers are a great invention. As prices have fallen over the past ten years, so has the quality. A pressure washer has a great cleaning power, it can quickly and efficiently remove dirt, grime and algae. A pressure washer will increase the value of your equipment and property by making it easier to clean and maintain. A pressure washer is a great investment if your time is valuable. However, if the machine you choose is not right, it could cause frustration and cost you a lot of money.


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