Decorative Floor Coatings

At Extreme Blast we provide all different types of decorative flooring.

Our flooring service rage includes epoxy flooring, non-slip coatings and Protective coating.

Weather it’s some new sealer for that tried looking driveway, some anti slip for the stairs, or maybe you want a new splash of epoxy to give your garage or workshop new life? whatever your floor coating needs, we’ve got you covered.

Epoxy Flooring

We have been helping clients with their epoxy flooring jobs for decades within Sydney. We have worked with residential/commercial clients on their own garages and within their houses.

Additionally, we’ve got a massive range of industrial and commercial clientele which engaged us to assist them with their bigger jobs in commercial kitchens, retail store flooring, carparks, warehouses and factories.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

-Hard wearing, UV stable, lasts for decades, with the further advantages of concrete security, superb chemical and abrasion resistance.

-Minimise the risk for your loved ones, friends, customers, and employees by integrating slide resistant finish to a epoxy resin floor job.

-Because of the seamless character of epoxy resin flooring installation, germs has nowhere to grow and hide, therefore is hygienic, easy to clean and very low allergen. 

-Cosmetic finishes, for example flake, marble and metallic impact can attain designer appearances and produce a exceptional design for every single style.

-Because of its strength and endurance, epoxy resin flooring lasts for several years and can easily be maintained. And of course adding value for your house is another benefit.

Non Slip & Protective Coatings

Together with cleaning dirt, oil and grime stains from drives, we could seal or paint these areas with anti-slip coatings.

There may be quite a few explanations for why you want to install an anti-slip coating for your paths or driveway, and the type of coating used or the coarseness of this anti-slip coating can change based on the sort of surface being coated and the location or use.

As an example, does your property have a sloping driveway that’s producing skidding or wheel spin when moist, or do you own a pathway which becomes slippery when moisture is present.

Irrespective of the coating solution selected, one thing that’s important to get right is the correct surface preparation and application procedure.

Some anti-slip coatings are often expensive, so we help you choose the right solution that is installed so it’s durable and will assist you with your needs. That is precisely why we are the one-stop service supplier that can do the entire job, from the basic cleaning right through the last application of the protective coating.







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Grip Coating Anti-Slip Sydney
Grip Coating Anti-Slip
Decorative Floor Coatings
Decorative Floor Coatings
Decorative Floor Coatings
Decorative Floor Coatings
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