Brickwork Sealing Sydney

Graffiti Removal from Brickwork can be a very difficult and time consuming process. The reason for this is that the Graffiti is usually caused by someone wanting to make a statement or to draw attention to something. As soon as the Graffiti is removed, it will then leave behind scuff marks and very noticeable holes in your wall or paving. So what can you do about Graffiti Removal from Brickwork? There are many different methods available for Graffiti Removal from Brickwork. These include the following techniques:

Remove the Graffiti before it has a chance to become ingrained into the area by applying an area rug. If possible try to remove the Graffiti straight away from the wall surface but if that is not possible then use a roller to scrape it off then paint over the area once the graffiti has been removed. This should be repeated on a weekly basis until the area is free of Graffiti.

A very effective way to prevent any further damage is to have any unsightly spills on the ground swept up and dusted with a garden broom. If the spill occurs in the Graffiti area then have the area rugs cleaned and vacuumed. Where possible have the affected areas sealed off from the rest of the house. Where the spill happens outside, area rugs can be used to prevent the spill from seeping into the interior of the property. If the spill is contained within the Graffiti area then the area rugs can be cleaned and treated to remove any discolouration.

Most homeowners think that all they need to do to maintain their property is to regularly clean the Graffiti and use a mild detergent to remove it. However, chemicals used to clean Graffiti can weaken the paint layer causing the Graffiti to peel or chip away. This will result in an increase in price when you attempt to resell your property. Therefore it is in everyone’s interests to ensure that the correct methods of graffiti removal are carried out to prevent any further damage to the property and allow it to look as good as new.

The first step to cleaning a Graffiti spill is to stop the activity that has caused the damage in the first place. For example, if you find a vignette painted on a wall using a crayon then try to stop the vignettes being moved. Squash them with your foot or push them under the footpath. If you find that there is no way to stop the vignettes then wipe the graffiti with a sponge dipped in cleaning agent, taking care to carefully get out any bubbles and residue that could cause more damage.

It is also important to take action against any signs of Graffiti within the immediate area surrounding the spilled Graffiti. For this purpose a vinegar and water solution works well. Mix up one part of vinegar with two parts of water and use this as a cleaning agent to scrub the graffiti from the bricks. Make sure that you rinse off the graffiti completely after each cleaning. This will prevent any future incidents by ensuring that the area around the Graffiti has been thoroughly cleaned of all traces of the offending graffiti.

For any graffiti that has spread itself across an entire area then a comprehensive sweep with a power washer and water based cleaning agents will be required. Ensure that you clean the entire area including any surrounding bricks and walls and any furniture or other fixtures. By applying the appropriate cleaning agents, you will be able to return the area to its former cleanliness and make any necessary repairs.

For any Graffiti Removal from Brickwork that needs to be carried out on a large scale then the property owner might consider hiring a specialist company to deal with the work. These companies will often have the necessary equipment and knowledge to carry out the Graffiti Removal from Brickwork effectively. These companies will also know the best products and techniques for Graffiti Removal from Brickwork so will be able to use the correct products to deal with the problem. They will carry out the work as quickly as possible so you can return to your property.


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