Graffiti Removal Sydney

If you have a graffiti art work in your office, then it is recommended that you have a high pressure washer for cleaning the artwork. However if you are a resident of a particular area, then you would require the service of the cleaning crew for performing the task. It will be quite simple for you to find the company offering this service in your area. They can easily be found in yellow pages or by surfing on the internet. These days most of the companies offering this service also provide their services online.

High Pressure Graffiti Cleaning Sydney

The high pressure washer is very essential during the removal of the graffiti because it will help the company to get rid of the excess paint, the stencil and the graffiti cleaner. Once the graffiti has been removed the stencil is sanded and repainted so that it looks like the original material. This will make it possible for you to reuse the wall without any problem.

You will have to pay a lot of attention while cleaning the graffiti because the intensity of the heat generated might damage the surface of the wall or the artwork. Before starting the cleaning process you should ensure that you have switched off the electricity. It would be better to use the old rag towel for wiping the area. You should make sure that the area is well ventilated and not too hot.

You can use both high pressure sprayer as well as high pressure nozzle for the graffiti cleaning job. If the area is a bit bigger then you can try to use the high pressure nozzle. This sprayer is capable of covering a larger area. However you would have to increase the amount of the water in order to cover a bigger area. When using the old rag towel for the initial cleaning, then you should change it into a new one because the original rag contains a lot of hair. This might lead to the clogging of the hoses, which will result in the escape of the graffiti.

You can also use the chemical known as aerosol for the graffiti cleaning. This chemical has a great capacity of dissolving the glue along with the ink. However you should wear protective gear when using this chemical. When applying the aerosol you should do it in the direction of the graffiti. For instance, you should start from the top of the graffiti and move downwards.

For the removal of the stencil, you can use the pressure washer pump. This tool is very useful to remove the graffiti. This is the best way to clean graffiti from the walls. It is very powerful and forceful. You should ensure that there is no pressure on the walls while using this device.

The last method that is used in cleaning graffiti is an ultrasonic technique. This technique uses the high frequency sound waves to break the glue of the stencil. You will have to place a couple of ultrasonic microphones around the area to be cleaned. When the sound waves break the glue, a high volume of sound will be produced which will attract all the attention of the people present nearby.

You should use high pressure to clean the wall and then allow the water to dry up. If the area is not dry, the residue of the graffiti will be left behind. This will cause a big mess and will make the area dirty. Hence you should make sure that all the graffiti is removed from the wall using high pressure.

Methods of Cleaning with High Pressure Systems

There are some other ways to remove the graffiti using the high pressure. In the first method, you will have to put the graffiti affected area under high pressure. You can use a tarp or heavy duty plastic sheet to protect the area from all the external force of the air. When you have done so, you can spray the dirt and graffiti with the water so that it completely evaporates out from the area.

The second method is also quite similar to the first one. You just need to apply high pressure and then you can remove the graffiti easily. However, this method requires a lot of time. Also, you cannot use this method to remove the graffiti if it is on the wall that was painted with white paint.

There are many reasons why you should hire the professional companies for the graffiti cleaning job. The first and foremost reason is that they use proper methods and equipment for the cleaning job. These companies will use a pressure washer for the job. Moreover, they also use cleaners which do not harm the walls. These cleaners are used to clean the wall which is affected by the graffiti.


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