Decorative Coating Floor

The most complete choice of decorative floor coating systems available today to give you the choices you require to match any room to its unique design and style. Beautifully textured and polished surfaces, from wood to marble, are now easily obtainable, thanks to state-of-the-art processes and materials. These floor coatings can offer a wide range of protection, as well as a sense of style and extravagance for any home.

What Are Decorative Floor Coatings?

Decorative floor coating options are generally classified by finish, from glossy and mirror-like to flat and rough-textured. There are also several sub-categories, such as abrasion finishes and high gloss. Each finish has its own advantages and disadvantages. And with a vast selection of finishes to choose from, there is a style to meet any decor.

Mirror-like floor coatings are excellent for use on wet and uneven floors, where the smooth surface will visually enlarge the space. The textured and chip finishes are popular with homeowners for their ability to add subtle highlights to areas of high importance. Chip and resin sub-flooring systems offer a wide range of benefits, such as water resistance, durability, and low maintenance. Plus, they are the most cost effective flooring systems available.

Most concrete floor coatings systems are designed to resist staining and etching, which is why they are perfect for garages, patios, poolside areas, and industrial areas. They are also stain-resistant, due to the tough coating. For an even more protective coating, epoxy coating is ideal. This is a quick dry coating system, which can be used to protect and add interest to any room in your home.

Epoxy coatings are very durable and require very little maintenance, if any. They can also be sanded to customize an almost endless number of different patterns, depending on the manufacturer’s particular needs. Because epoxy coatings require very little maintenance, they are a great choice for outdoor areas. Because the concrete floors remain protected, there is little worry about children slipping on wet surfaces, or dirt accumulating and making a mess on the floor.

In addition to an attractive appearance, concrete floor coatings offer additional benefits, depending on the type of concrete flooring system selected. If there are imperfections, these can easily be addressed with an epoxy coating. And since the seal is applied over a thicker urethane layer, there is little need for repairs once the floors have been installed. Repairing cracks is also simpler and faster with this type of coating, which can be removed and replaced with a new application if necessary.

Some types of floor coatings are water-resistant, but many others are not. This decision will depend upon where the flooring is to be placed. If the flooring will be exposed to water from washing machines and bathrooms, it is a good idea to select a waterproof coating so that the floors do not ruin quickly when water enters the room. Many homeowners with children prefer water-resistant surfaces for their bathrooms and kitchens, which can also help with the overall durability of the home. But those who prefer their concrete floors to stay dry, and clean up easily, may consider a different type of protection.

There are several other types of Decorative Floor Coating Systems available on the market, such as epoxy finishes that resist moisture and stains, and polyurethane finishes that resist water. These coatings are often available as a package with other products, such as floor paints. Most of these coatings can withstand most liquids, but it is a good idea to purchase an additional sealant to add extra protection. In fact, some companies include both sealants and floor paints with their coatings. Before purchasing any Decorative Floor Coating Systems, homeowners should carefully measure their rooms to find out what substances they are exposed to learn about the specific protection each product offers.


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