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Graffiti Removal from Bricks is most effective when done by a professional company who specializes in graffiti removal. Graffiti can fade and discolor concrete, dull or crack paint and ruin expensive paving materials.

Many common chemical methods for graffiti removal from concrete fail to remove most of the graffiti pigments. Even a small amount of remaining spray paint that remains attached to the concrete or brick can still be clearly visible to the untrained eye, especially if the concrete is a darker or less uniform color. It is important to note that even if a chemical is used to remove the graffiti, it is not guaranteed to remain permanently. Some types of graffiti are made soluble by water, while others will continue to be seen even after an entire day.

High-pressure cleaning of masonry surfaces offers many benefits to property owners. Although masonry is sturdy and durable, it can experience a great deal of wear and tear over its lifetime, particularly in areas exposed to high traffic. A high-pressure cleaning technique can take off layers of graffiti and allow the area to once again look like new.

In most cases, graffiti removal can occur in one of two ways: washing or scrubbing. The traditional method of washing is achieved by working water through the graffiti-infused surface using a commercial or home pressure washer.

Other homeowners prefer to take advantage of professional graffiti removal services. Using a power washer or commercial power sprayer can help to quickly and effectively remove the graffiti on a residential or commercial surface. Power sprayers work well because they contain a higher concentration of water than a typical sprayer or power washer. Commercial power sprayers will often contain abrasive materials that will remove the graffiti from the surface as well as wash away any residue that remained.

Many masonry murals can only be removed by scrubbing the area using a commercial masonry power washer or power sprayer. The commercial masonry graffiti remover will contain chemicals that will not leave any residue behind after it has removed the graffiti.

Smaller stains on a smaller area of concrete or stone can usually be removed with regular household cleaners. These products include muriatic acid stain removers and glass and caulk removers. However you could cause more issues so it is recommended to hire a professional to clean graffiti from your walls instead.

More on Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal from bricks is an integral part of any building maintenance program. Unfortunately, graffiti artists have learned how to get around these restrictions by painting over the protective coatings of buildings and leaving them exposed to the elements of nature. This makes it necessary to continually employ graffiti removal contractors to clean the exterior of structures and clear parking lots and streets so that they can be used as intended. Of course, in many cases, graffiti removal from bricks may be impossible because of the material used to create the artwork. In this case, there are a few options available to help reduce the impact of graffiti and protect the investment of both private and public institutions.

Get the professionals to advise you about the best products and techniques that are available to remove the Graffiti without causing too much damage to the surface. It is important to always protect the surface to which you will be cleaning and then ensure that all possible forms of protection have been taken.

Another option for Graffiti Removal from masonry surfaces is to undertake a pressure washing exercise. Pressure cleaning can be undertaken by either a professional company or by individuals with proper training. High Pressure washing is used when there is no other Graffiti Removal from masonry options available. Pressure washing can be undertaken by pouring a solution onto the Graffiti affected area and gently removing the Graffiti with a sponge or brush.

For extremely stubborn graffiti a pressure washer may not be able to remove it completely. In these instances the Graffiti will simply re-appear in a short period of time. It is therefore important to find another means of Graffiti Removal from masonry surfaces.

For surfaces where the Graffiti has become embedded, including bricks, ceramic tiles, wood and concrete, pressure cleaning may be the answer. This method involves using chemical-based solutions to remove the Graffiti from the surface. These chemicals will work to either break down the bonds between the Graffiti and the surface, or to dissolve the Graffiti itself. Both methods are commonly successful at Graffiti Removal from masonry surfaces.


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