Graffiti Cleaning Sydney

Graffiti cleaning is a huge business today. Graffiti is thought of by many as an offensive act that represents a lack of creativity and urban vitality. As such many cities have seen graffiti as a detriment and have banned the practice completely. In fact, some cities have even gone so far as to erect walls around high-crime neighborhoods to discourage people from defacing property. While this method does curb crime to a certain extent, it does little to protect the walls themselves from the inevitable damage that aging cramped spaces will bring.

So how can graffiti cleaning be done to improve a city’s image and safety? Well, removing graffiti from public areas can be difficult and costly. In many cases, graffiti removal companies must actually be hired to remove the graffiti in question. This means more money for homeowners and businesses.

There are a few tried and true methods for removing unsightly tags. One of the least expensive, and best known, the method of graffiti cleaning is the use of a pressure washer. Pressure washers can be used for both residential and commercial applications. When used for residential graffiti cleaning, the pressure washer sprays water onto the surface of the wall and the nozzle push the water onto the graffiti, removing it almost immediately.

However, when you’re dealing with larger, more numerous areas, like on the sides of a school or retail store, a different kind of pressure washer is required. This method involves using a detergent and acetone to remove graffiti cleaning supplies from the surface of the wall. Using detergent and acetone is good, because they tend to stay on the surface and work to loosen the graffiti cleaner. However, using a detergent and acetone solution is the least eco-friendly way to remove graffiti, as it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and instead leaves the area cleaner than before.

The detergent and acetone solution is also likely to irritate your eyes and skin. And in some cases, allergic reactions can occur. This is because they are considered an irritant by the body. When using these products on your property, it’s important to use a fragrance-free product. If you are allergic to fragrance, you should limit your exposure to these products, especially if you are treating multiple surfaces of your property.

Another common, more economical technique for graffiti cleaning is a pressure washing machine. These machines are powerful enough to remove most stains, however they can take hours of scrubbing to remove stubborn marks. This type of removal method can be very effective but is likely to be expensive and inconvenient. In addition, you may find yourself tired and scrubbing for several hours when you want to remove graffiti quickly.

So how can you effectively remove graffiti without a high cost of energy, time, and effort? The answer is simple: pressure washing. Pressure washing machines are not only effective but they are fast and convenient. You simply saturate your unwanted graffiti-covered surfaces with chemicals and then use your pressure washer to wash them off.

When using this type of graffiti cleaning technique, it’s important to follow the manufacturers’ instructions. Many of these products can be purchased at your local hardware store or grocery outlet. Some manufacturers recommend that you use low pressure, especially if you are treating a broad area, such as the tops of walls or roofs. In addition, you should try to avoid using any chemicals that are formulated to remove graffiti, as they may cause long-term damage.

However, if you do decide to use high pressure washing to remove graffiti from your surfaces, you need to make sure that you use the right chemicals and apply them in the proper manner. It’s important to use your hands, even though you may be wearing a rubber glove, so that you don’t spray the chemical into your eyes and respiratory areas. In addition, the areas that receive the most spraying often suffer the most damage. These surfaces, which include walkways and porches, should be lightly sanded prior to being treated, as well as disinfecting with a mild soap and water.

If you don’t have access to high-pressure washing machines, there are other techniques available for pressure cleaning. For surfaces such as bricks and concrete, dry ice blasting can be an effective way of removing graffiti from surfaces. Dry ice blasting involves using an aerosol tank full of extremely cold chemicals that will freeze the graffiti, causing it to crumble and fall off. This technique does not work very well on all types of surfaces, so make sure that you apply it carefully to avoid damaging your surface. You should also wear thick rubber gloves prior to attempting this procedure, as these will prevent the exposure of your skin to the highly toxic chemicals used in dry ice blasting.

The chemicals used in graffiti removal can also pose a health risk, so it is important to consider the ingredients of any cleaners that you are considering. Many cleaners contain alkaline chemicals, which can cause severe damage to dental enamel. Some cleaners will also use organic solvents to loosen the paint, further posing a health risk. Therefore, when selecting your Graffiti Cleaning solution, you should always consult a professional, who will be able to advise you on the best solutions for your particular situation.


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