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Concrete Resurfacing: What does it mean?

Concrete resurfacer, a cementitious product, is made from ordinary cement, fines sands, modifiers, and other additives that provide adhesion. Concrete resurfacer is made to be applied in thin coats, no more than half an inch thick, and it adheres well to existing slabs. Concrete resurfacer has a compressive strength of approximately 4,500 psi. Concrete resurfacing layers are stronger than the slab and can last for a long time if properly applied.

Concrete resurfacer should never be used in cold temperatures. It is important that the temperature remains above 40 degrees for the next 24 hours. Work when it is the most shaded or when the sun is at its lowest. You should also ensure that there is no rain forecast for at most 8 hours following your application.

Concrete Resurfacer is a blend that can be used to make thin repairs to concrete in need of renewal. It creates a durable and beautiful surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Concrete floors can be used to replace an existing concrete slab. Next, you will need to seal and refinish the concrete floor. This will give it a chic and polished look. Concrete flooring will last for many years and be very easy to maintain. Concrete floor sealer can resist stains, dirt, and grit as well as withstand high impact. Concrete floors are great for high-traffic areas like offices, retail, and kitchens as well as living rooms and dining rooms.

You can expect a resurfacing product to last ten years if it is professionally installed. Contractors have seen resurfacing last up to 25 years. However, if you buy a DIY resurfacing kit at a big-box store they won’t last as well. Your new surface will last a lifetime if you take care of it. You should seal your concrete and then reseal it as necessary.

Concrete resurfacing can be a good option for floors. You will need to assess the extent of the damage. Concrete needs to be replaced only in a handful of cases.

Basic Concrete Resurfacing and Sealing

  • Cleaning Concrete Surface

Cleaning is one of the most overlooked aspects of the whole process. It isn’t the easiest task but it must be done. Cleansing the concrete surface of all contaminants, oil, grease, and old sealer is an important step in preparing it for resurfacing. Each step in the concrete resurfacing process should be completed correctly without compromising quality.

  • Prior to sealing

It is crucial to first inspect concrete before applying sealer. Is there any cracks that should be repaired? Do you need to fill any holes? You don’t need to worry about replacing concrete if it can be repaired. Resurfacing is a great option if you don’t like the look of repairs. A coating or overlay can be used to cover unsightly damage and create a more attractive surface. It can be sealed.

  • Preparing your Work Space

Remove trim, such as baseboards and molding, from interior concrete surfaces. Protective tape or sheeting may be used to protect adjacent surfaces. Check the weather before you apply a sealer to exterior surfaces. Sealants need to be applied at 50°F or higher. Most sealants also require that the surface not be wet for five days.

  • Concrete overlay

The installers work quickly and pour to the correct depth. They also smoothen the surface to remove any excess or weak spots caused by overwork. The final overlay looks like a freshly poured concrete slab. This makes discoloration and damage virtually non-existent. The overlay can now be used for the decorative concrete design of your choice, such as flagstone.

You can upgrade concrete’s appearance by completely resurfacing it with an overlay. There are many color options and patterns to choose from. Concrete that is in good condition can be repainted, stenciled, or engraved to enhance its appearance. We will tell you everything you need to know about how to restore concrete.

Last Thoughts

You can see that replacing concrete is not something you should think about if your floors don’t look as great as you want them to. It can also be very expensive very quickly. To evaluate your floors, you should call a concrete rejuvenation or polishing company. You could potentially save significant money by resurfacing concrete.


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